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Our range of Ladies cycle wear is designed specifically for women, taking into consideration the the female form and how it responds to the rigors of cycling.

Every item in our ladies collection bears the Ciovita mark mark of quality, and is tested by our pro female athletes to ensure high performance and a comfortable fit.

Volare Long Finger Cycling Gloves €35,00
Hydrophobic Leg Warmers €55,00
Ventilare Long Finger Cycling Gloves (Digitale Olive) €35,00
Ciovita Custom Vinyl Scroll down for costings
Hydrophobic Arm Warmers €45,00
Crew Socks (Plum) €15,00
Women's Trovare Lightweight Jacket (Charcoal) €145,00
Velocita Short Finger Cycling Gloves €49,00
Women's Corsa 3/4 Tights 2.0 €109,00
Women's Supremo Bib Shorts €185,00
Women's Motion Sleeveless Tri Suit (Magenta) €229,00
Women's DriRelease Undervest €40,00
Women's Cirro Windproof Jacket (White) €85,00
Women's Apex Contego Gilet 2.0 (Black) €125,00
Women's Apollo Sleeveless Tri Suit €229,00
Women's Atlas Tri Suit €259,00
Women's Corsa Bib Shorts 2.0 (Plum) €115,00
Ciovita Tube Card Holder €19,00
Women's Trovare Lightweight Jacket (Black) €145,00
Crew Socks (Mint) €15,00
High Top Socks (Blue) €15,00
High Top Socks (Black) €15,00
Women's Pascal Supremo Sport Fit Jersey (Orchid) €75,00
Grey & Black Flat Peak Snapback Cap €29,00
Velocita Short Finger Cycling Gloves (Digitale Black) €49,00
Crew Socks (Bloodstone) €15,00
Collab Socks (Pronto) €15,00
Women's Merino Baselayer €79,00
Crew Socks (Pine) €15,00
Ciovita Pocket Companion €29,00
Vuelta Fleece Beanie €39,00
Women's Tinta Flyweight Jersey (Navy) €95,00
Women's Punto Corsa Race Fit Jersey (Teal) €85,00
Women's Apex Olio Flyweight Jersey €115,00
Women's Nucleo Sport Fit Jersey (Navy) €75,00
Unisex Doppio Crew Neck €49,00
Women's Tinta Gilet (Sand) €95,00
Women's Lumen Lava Jacket €115,00
Women's Apex Contego Gilet 2.0 (Rust) €125,00
Women's Black Doppio Recycled T Shirt €35,00
Women's ZA Tri Suit €259,00
Strata VitaTube Headscarf €29,00
Recycled Inner Tube Saddle Bag €39,00
Crew Socks (Blue Stripe) €15,00
Swirl VitaTube Headscarf €29,00
Women's Tinta Flyweight Jersey (Sage) €95,00
Women's Apex Contego Jacket 2.0 (Black) €165,00
Pixel VitaTube Headscarf (Pink) €29,00
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