Men's Apex Espada Flyweight Jersey

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  • The Espada Jersey is inspired by the art of the master swordsman, precision and power focused at a single point. Sleek, streamlined and aerodynamic this jersey is made to let you cut through the air like a sharp blade.

    A new addition to our Apex Series Jerseys.  The defining feature of the Espada Flyweight jersey is the Nanotech fabric used to create it. This Italian Lycra is ultra lightweight and highly breathable to compliment the skintight fit.

    The Espada uses our flyweight fit with the sleeves set in to ensure maximum comfort in the racing position. The longer length sleeves ensure the fit stays snug and secure.

    The Polygeine mesh side panels allow for improved airflow through the jersey while you ride, while the fabric's antibacterial properties reduce odours from sweat buildup in these areas.

    Our Anti Bounce Stabilisation system means the back pockets can be loaded up without your comfort being affected. The back pockets now also contain a waterproof, invisible zipper pocket for storing valuables.

    The Espada also features standard Pro Fit features such as the broad 360 degree wide elastic waist, with silicon grippers and electronic cable routing for headphones.

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