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Men's ZA Sport Fit Jersey


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  • Wear your patriotism proudly for the whole world to see. South Africa is a land of so much beauty and potential, and it is also home to one of the most passionate cycling communities in the world. This Jersey is a celebration of this community and the country they call home.

    Our ZA Sport Fit Jersey is designed to deliver the perfect balance between comfort and performance. This jersey is ideal for both intermediary riders and pros who desire breathing room and comfort as well as a tailored fit.

    Balance is the key philosophy behind the technical design and cut of our Sport Fit range. Each jersey is engineered to ensure a tailored fit while allowing for maximum range of movement while not compromising on aerodynamics in the riding position. Not too loose and not too tight, a truly versatile fit. 

    The slightly relaxed fit and high airflow Polygeine™ Mesh ventilation system deliver abundant comfort and temperature control, while our Lightweight Polyester offers high flexibility as well as employing our VitaDry™ Moisture Management System to ensure breathability and superior moisture wicking.

    Our Sport Fit Jersey is the one we most often ride in, it has been subjected to continuous testing to find the sweet spot between comfort and aerodynamic, ergonomic performance.

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