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Ciovita Supremo Cycling Bib Shorts

Both the Italian word Supremo and the English Supreme come from the same Latin root Superus, meaning that is above, and we couldn't think of a better descriptor for our latest Supremo Bib Shorts. Everything about this bib has been elevated from the finest Italian Racing Lycra used in its construction; the fit that has been refined for months; right through to the high tech trims that offer unparalleled comfort and increased visibility when riding in low light and poor weather conditions.

Ciovita Supemo Cycling Jersey and Bib Shorts


When we say we've created a new benchmark, we're not being boastful. A staggering amount of R&D has gone into its development including hundreds of hours on the bike as well as testing in race conditions to ensure it can withstand the rigors faced by pro athletes competing at elite levels.

Our new propriety multi panel design is designed to allow improved flexibility while simultaneously working with the Elastane Snapback Elastic shoulder straps and broader gripper elastic, to ensure that the Chamois stays where it should over the duration of your ride. This means that there is no need to adjust the bib on your ride.

Ciovita Supremo Cycling Bib Shorts

The fabrication of the bib consists entirely of race tested Italian Lycra, offering unparalleled flexibility as well as advanced moisture wicking to transfer sweat away from the skin. APF Fabric Technology offers optimal moisture and odour control even during the most taxing of rides.

Our Elastane™ Snapback Shoulder straps cross over the back for a more comfortable fit. This elastic was chosen for its ability to maintain its stretch over a longer period of time. We've also included a useful sunglasses strip allowing you to stow your shades quickly and easily.

Ciovita Supremo Bib Shorts details


The Supremo also features high tech trims aimed at increasing visibility. This key safety feature is more often seen on jerseys and jackets, but to us you can never be too visible. We created two high visibility marks that are positioned on the back of each thigh. As the cyclist peddles the strips create a flashing effect similar to the hazard light on a car resulting in a bib that isn't just about performance and comfort, but also results in increased safety.

Ciovita Supremo Reflective Cycling Bib Shorts


Our new 4 layer chamois pad represents our most comfortable chamois yet and represent months of work with our European suppliers. The outer layers feature comfortable, but durable fabrics which provide moisture and odour control as well as a softer feel. These outer layers have been designed to work together to create the ergonomic shape of the inner pads. The inner layers consist of two distinct types of high tech foam, the very light, highly breathable VitaFoam, which absorbs heavy shocks and compression; and the complementary perforated foam, which cushions against lighter vibration and bumps. 

Ciovita Cycling Bib Shorts Chamois Pad


Finally, we thought we'd share some of the things our customers have been saying about these Bibs, so here are some 5 Star Reviews. We would share others, but thus far our lowest score is 5 Stars. 

You can find the Supremo Bib Shorts here.

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